About us

Welcome To St Johns Locks Heath. This site is for church members only.   If you would like to be added to the site, you will need to contact the Church Office (see number below).  We hope you will find this site a useful tool to help you keep in touch and keep track of what's happening in St John's and if you are involved in any activities or services. 

Church Members:

To access your information (for the first time),click on the ADMIN tab above and put in a user name (first.last i.e. Joe.Bloggs)

Click on the HELP I CAN'T GET IN and enter your email address or mobile number when requested to receive a confirmation code.  If your details are on the system, you will be sent the code.  If you do not receive this please contact the office. 

Once you have your code, you will then be able to enter that and login.  You will be prompted to chose your own password.  Once this is set, use your user name and password to access the site whenever you like.

In order to ensure the best experience with Church Builder, please confirm your details are correct on your profile and complete the Privacy and Consent settings.

If you have any problems, please call the office on 01489 578082.


The Office